How can Nutritional Therapy help me?

You are unique


The right nutrition for you can help to improve and maintain your health and help prevent or delay many of the common chronic diseases. Whether you’ve just had a major illness or discovered you have potentially serious health problems, how you live can affect how long and how well you live.


What happens in a consultation?


The first consultation includes a detailed discussion of your health. A
confidential questionnaire is usually given beforehand to help me to have a complete picture. Tests may be suggested to provide more information on your health. Your GP may be able to arrange some of these, and I also use several accredited laboratories. My knowledge and experience in biochemistry, physiology and microbiology are invaluable in helping me to fully understand your health picture.


Important aspects of your health that I consider include your family history, personal health history, your current diet and lifestyle. Any medications or other treatments you have, or recently had, are very important to note, so that my recommendations do not interfere with other care you are receiving.


What kind of advice is given?


Food plans are discussed and agreed with your lifestyle and preferences in mind. I work on the principle of Food First, which means that nutritional supplements are only recommended as a support, not instead of the right diet. I am also trained and experienced in the use of herbs and I have made a particular study of myconutrients (medicinal mushrooms). Suitable herbs may be recommended to support your nutritional therapy programme.


How many appointments will I need?


Everyone is different, within a few appointments I aim to support you to become the expert in your own health, by making the right nutritional and lifestyle choices for your individual needs. Follow-up appointments usually take about 30 minutes. We discuss and modify changes to the nutritional programme as indicated by your progress.



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