Sophie discovered she had high cholesterol after her father died prematurely from heart disease. Two siblings also had the same risk factor and one had a minor heart attack below the age of 40. Looking in more detail at her health, she had been suffering from migraine since childhood and from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Asthma for all of her adult life. Reducing her cholesterol level was therefore not the only priority.


A couple of food intolerances were uncovered that when avoided made a dramatic difference to the IBS and Asthma. Other tests showed environmental allergies which persuaded her to exclude feathers and cats from her bedroom. Further recommendation to

improve her hormone balance significantly reduced her migraine frequency from once a month to less than two a year. She has since passed through an asymptomatic and uneventful menopause, after which her migraines are very rare and much less severe.


She has significantly reduced her blood cholesterol and improved the ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ cholesterol. Tests showed a raised Homocysteine level, another risk factor for vascular disease, this has now been reduced by the use of a vitamin and plant supplement which also reduces cholesterol.